About Us


We have been in this fertile land for over 65 years.

Throughout the history of humanity, agriculture and animal husbandry have been a necessity for human beings to survive and an important source of livelihood in the future. The Arda Family, which has been living in agriculture from generation to generation in the fertile lands of Thrace for more than 65 years, entered the livestock sector in 2000.
In 2003, it started cattle breeding for sacrificial animals for the feasts of sacrifice in order to "protect and protect unchanging values and ensure their development in the changing world". Our goal is to be a quality, efficient, and at the same time economically sustainable farm. For this, our basic principle is to be in charge of the business as a family.

Farm Gallery

We produce happiness by blending interest, knowledge, and love!

Animal love is not just caressing the animal. It is necessary to understand their needs, to respond correctly, and to respect them. The shelters of our lovely friends are specially designed for their comfort. What they most need is fresh air, clean water, and quality feed.

The surroundings of our barns are completely open. In this way, continuous air circulation is provided and no ammonia accumulation occurs in the barn. The drinkers of our animals are cleaned every day. The ceilings of the shelters are half covered; thus, they can also take natural vitamin D during the day.

Good for animals = Good for humans :)

Working Principles



We always strive to give you confidence with our experience, innovative understanding, and commitment to ethical values.


We draw strength from the fertile soil of Thrace and value naturalness.

Environmental Awareness

We love our world, to use our natural resources in the most efficient way and we support recycling .


Within the framework of respect and responsibility we give to our farm and nature, we invest in the future and support sustainability.